Insight of the Week

A Man Named Jairus

“Don’t be afraid; just believe.” – Jesus Christ

We meet Jairus in Mark 5. We meet him, but we don’t have much information on his background. And that’s okay. Jairus was one of the leaders of a synagogue in Galilee, a leader who likely viewed Jesus as a nuisance at best, and a threat at worst. It’s probable Jairus was well-respected in his community. What we know for certain is he had a daughter who was twelve years old.

A daughter who was dying.

When you’re desperate, you speak to people who you normally wouldn’t. You seek people you otherwise wouldn’t contact. You listen to people you ordinarily wouldn’t respect. Put differently, when you’re desperate, you tear down walls.

Above all, Jairus was a dad. He located Jesus and actually fell at his feet! Pleading and begging him to “put your hands on her so that she will be healed and live.” Jairus may not have liked this teacher from Nazareth, but it appears he trusted him. Of course Jesus accompanied dad home to tend to his daughter.

Along the way news spread that Jairus’ little girl had died. “Why bother the teacher anymore?” people asked. What was Jesus’ response? “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” That statement is frightening in its simplicity. But the LORD knew something they didn’t. This girl was not dead, rather asleep. Naturally they refused to believe Jesus, even laughing at him.

Jesus had the final word(s) in this narrative. Entering the sick girl’s room, he commanded, “Talitha koum!” Immediately she stood up and began to walk. Let’s just say those laughing at Jesus were not laughing anymore.

Yes, Jesus healed this girl. But credit Jairus for exercising some faith here. He saw Jesus, brought him into his home, and believed. Like Jairus, may we remember to bring Jesus into our homes. Like Jairus’s daughter, may we rise up, stand on our feet, and live our lives the way God directs us. It will look different for you than me. Embrace this diversity.

If you are a father, happy father’s day to you! Whatever God has in store for you, know this: He is calling you to be involved in the lives of your children. Go the extra mile when necessary. He doesn’t expect us to be perfect parents (last I checked they don’t exist), but my prayer is we serve our families as Christ served us.

In Christ Alone,